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The Deposit Platform For Storing and Optimizing Money

Cambr’s vendor-agnostic approach opens up new monetization channels, scalable cash storage, and FDIC-insured safety to any business that holds cash for its customers.

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A technology-first approach to deposits in one simple platform

A technology-first

approach to deposits in one,

user-friendly platform

Securely monetize deposits at scale with an integration taking weeks, not months.

Deposit monetization

Earn market-leading yield on balances; you decide how much to pass through to end customers.

Highly scalable

Eliminate bank balance sheet constraints and reduce the risk of a single point of failure via our network of community banks.

Ease of integration

Integrate seamlessly. Integration hub is simple and fast, and only needed if we don't already work with your service providers. No software, no hassle.

How it works


Get set up with a bank

Take your pick; Cambr works with any bank as your program partner


Integrate data

Get started fast with our easy and highly scalable integration process


Formalize operational process

Set up necessary program identifiers and launch production environment


Earn revenue and scale

Connect program settlement bank account for revenue disbursement


Find a long-term solution for your deposits

Create new product offerings and hooks while earning revenue on your programs' deposits.


Increase your program capacity and scale

Our network of community banks allows you to scale compliantly while protecting your balance sheet and without sacrificing economics.


Offer complete turnkey product solutions

Easily deploy and implement full package solutions for your clients while earning fee income.

Find your long term deposit solution with Cambr

Join leading companies who trust us with millions of end users.

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